A Passenger Forgot His Bag in a Taxi, What the Driver Did is the Honesty We Need

Taxi driver.
(Credit: Humans of Bombay)

Taxi driver.
(Credit: Humans of Bombay)

Humans of Bombay put out a story on Instagram sharing how the taxi driver went out of his way to return a passenger’s bag.

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There is no dearth of kind and honest people in the world. Recently, a story of a taxi driver surfaced on social media, giving hope that the world is still a good place. Humans of Bombay put out a story on Instagram sharing how the taxi driver went out of his way to return a passenger’s bag.

The driver transported a man to a hospital a few days ago. Upon reaching the hospital, the man paid the fare and left. But, the driver found that he had forgotten his bag in the cab.

As the passenger looked stressed, the driver decided not to hassle him. He waited outside the hospital for the man to return. He got a few more rides but refused to take other passengers until returning the bag. Finally, when the man came outside after a few hours, he was shocked to see the driver waiting. He was so stunned that he could not speak much and just said thanks.

The driver informed him that he had not even opened the bag and did not know what was inside of it.

When Humans of Bombay asked him what happened after handing over the bag, the driver replied, “Then what Madam, I had to hurry home. My wife gets very angry if I get late for dinner!”

On September 19, they shared a story of a man who found a bag containing Rs 15,000 in a public toilet. He said that for once a thought crossed his mind that he should keep the bag. But, then he thought how bad the person who had lost it must be feeling.

The man went to a police station with the bag and within an hour the police returned it to the rightful owner. When this story came out, people applauded him for his honesty and he said that he had become a hero in his locality.

The driver revealed that when people asked him why he decided to return it, he replied, “Kisi ka bura kar ke, mera acha kabhi nahi ho sakta (no good can happen to me after doing bad to someone).”

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