YouTuber Changes his Name to XÆA-Xii, Writes a Self-Help Book for Elon Musk’s Baby

The rich and famous are known to name their kids a little unusual, but Tesla founder Elon Musk and singer Grimes may have taken it too far after they named their child XÆA-Xii.

Netizens were in for a meme-fest after Musk and Grimes named their child and many even went on to say how this baby might be a cyborg or half alien since Musk is interested in technology and space exploration.

However, one Youtuber has gone ahead and actually experimented on how it would be to live with a name like XÆA-Xii. In their latest episode, Zac from the British YouTube channel The Zac and Jay Show goes ahead and delves deep into the practical implications of having a name like that of Grimes’ son. He then even writes and self-publishes a self-help book for XÆA-Xii based on Zac’s experience.

As ridiculous as it may sound, this has actually happened. The episode starts with Zac and Jay interviewing a witch, yes for real, and an organisation which provides an expertise in naming a person based on their personality. The society of Kabalarians is known to give people a name which will help them achieve their dreams and access their full potential. Zac and Jay interview these people to know what the name XÆA-Xii means and how they perceive it.

Zac then changes his name officially on government records, his passport, credit card and most of them come with typos since it is confusing for everyone. He then goes out in the market and asks a shopkeeper who sells personalised gifts if he could find anything with his new name. Unfortunately he does not. Zac or XÆA-Xii Musk then goes to Starbucks for a coffee where the Barista fails to write down his name properly and it seems like a cryptic password. He even asks locals to pronounce his name and after many attempts, a kid finally does it.

Zac goes on to write a book based on his experience for Musk’s baby which is 38 pages of short form poetry mixed in with illustrations. “The other 120 pages are blank literally just so it felt like a proper thick book, use it for notes or doodles,” says Zac. Surprisingly, the book has become the second best-selling book in the UK after David Attenborough’s book.

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