Why Did America Elect Donald Trump as President?

US President Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump.

The first answer which appears on the thread is, Trump is the President because of people like him.

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US President Donald Trump, who took charge of the President’s office in the year 2016, continues to be a subject of news and discussions. Popular website Quora has an interesting thread which gives some of the probable reasons why people of the US chose Trump as their President.

The first answer which appears on the thread is of Quora contributor James Summerlin, who lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. James shares that Trump is the President because of people like him.

He gives a long answer providing details from his career and academic life. James says that despite investing a lot in his degree, he is still at a risk to lose jobs because of foreign workers.

The 44-year-old man whose answer was upvoted 597 times said that people like him voted for Trump because he spoke about things that they cared about like jobs going overseas, H1B visa abuse and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The H1B visa allows employers based in the US to employ foreign nationals in speciality occupations.

Trump signed an executive order in August 2020 which restricts the hiring of H1B visa holders from signing federal contracts. The administration said that it would not tolerate the firing of hard-working Americans.

Another responder Larry Fish, who has received 2,900 upvotes on his answer, has given details of the voting count in different states and said that it is not Trump’s popularity which was responsible for his victory but the fact that the Democrats nominee Hillary Clinton received fewer votes than former President Barack Obama.

He also explained that Trump won because he bagged three major states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The three states are significant as they provide 46 electoral votes.

This Quora thread is interesting to read at a time when the Democrats President nominee and former US Vice President Joe Biden called Republican nominee and incumbent President Trump a clown during their first-ever televised Presidential debate.

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