Elon Musk Says He and His Family Won’t Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19. Here is Why

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that neither he nor his family will get a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available.

Musk was speaking during an episode of “Sway”, a podcast hosted by The New York Times‘ opinion section. The host of the episode asked him if he would get vaccinated for COVID-19 when one is finally out there.

Musk said he would not and that even his family didn’t need to. He said that they wouldn’t get the vaccine because they weren’t vulnerable to coronavirus.

The United States has recorded over 7.22 million coronavirus cases till date and the disease has already killed over 200,000 Americans.

Musk then went on to criticise the plan to impose a strict lockdown in the United States. He said that it would not serve the greater good. He said that the ideal situation would have been to quarantine the vulnerable groups instead of total lockdown.

This is not the first time Elon Musk has made such a statement.

In April this year, he joined those protesting against the coronavirus lockdown and tweeted, “FREE AMERICA NOW”. He called the lockdown a curb on people’s freedom.

Musk also said that people should be given back their freedom citing a report which said that the lockdown hasn’t helped America save lives. He tweeted several news items and infographics to show that the lockdown wasn’t needed.

Musk called the coronavirus confinement a “fascist” action and “an outrage” that infringed on personal freedom and would damage the economy. The billionaire entrepreneur, speaking on an earnings update for Tesla, lashed out at the orders which forced the shutdown of production in California.

While his concerns for the plunging economy are fair and very real for the entire world, it is a no-brainer to have citizens maintaining social distancing to rein in on COVID-19.

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Musk is among a growing group of people who are not ready to get vaccinated when one arrives. According to an IPSOS Mori survey, three in four adults are willing to get vaccinated while a majority believe that a vaccine won’t be available before the end of the year. Around 30%, which clearly includes Musk as well, aren’t willing to get vaccinated.

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