Watch: How Two Cat Siblings Chose to ‘Fit’ and ‘Sit’ Inside Boxes Will Leave You Amused

Video grab of the cats.
(Credit: Twitter)

Video grab of the cats.
(Credit: Twitter)

The cats featured are Maru and Hana and they are a celebrity among cat lovers of the internet.

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When born to the same mother, the expectation is that siblings should behave exactly the same, or at least be similar. This notion holds true even for cat children.

However, a viral video showcases two sibling kittens, who are poles apart in their behaviour. Now, there are thousands and thousands of internet videos about cats. It’s a common knowledge among cat parents and cat enthusiasts that these felines can fill even the tiniest of spaces like a trained acrobat.

This phenomenon gave rise to the famous internet meme “if I fit, I sit” meme. This video here also belongs to that category, but it can have a dual role of analysing cat behaviours. The video has been around for a while, but it was recently re-uploaded by a Twitter user called @ buitengebieden.

They captioned the video, “there are two types of cats” and shared it on September 29. The video now has over 4,700 likes and over 1,000 retweets.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube. The cats featured are Maru and Hana and they are a celebrity among cat lovers of the internet.

People couldn’t stop reacting over the cats’ weird actions. As seen in the video, one cat is sitting still in a box. A box that looks too tiny, but it has managed to fit inside and now sits still, almost elegantly.

Adjacent to it is a clear acrylic box. A cat stands in it, tail wagging like an excited puppy.

Soon, it starts slipping inside the rectangle container, almost melting along its contours, bending its body as it goes. Before you know it, the cat is snuggled inside the box, upside down, the tail still excitedly wagging. It stays still for just a couple of seconds, readjusts, and the tail wag begins; like a pendulum. All this time, the first cat sits still as a rock, unaffected by its sibling’s eccentricities.

They are siblings with similar coloured fur. However, their attitudes could not be more different.

Twitterati reacted to this 30-seconds of cuteness.

This is not the first time when a cat video has won the hearts of the netizens and definitely not the last one.

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