Disturbing ‘Chibo’ Trend Where Pets Forced to Binge-eat Goes Viral, Leaves Netizens Outraged

Image for representation. Credits: AFP.

Image for representation. Credits: AFP.

A recent video of a dog almost bursting into tears went viral after his owner forced him to eat a bowl of chillies.

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  • Last Updated: September 28, 2020, 6:45 PM IST


Binge-eating challenges have been a craze on the world wide web and in recent years, they have generated a cult following among its viewers. It started with vloggers binging on massive amounts of food while filming or live streaming themselves.

This video trend is known as mukbang and now has a new trend to add to its list. A number of pet owners in China have started filming and posting videos of their pet animals eating or being forced to eat huge amounts of human food. The trend is termed as ‘chibo,’ which translates to eating broadcasts.

This new trend went popular after the Chinese authorities issued a ban on public posting of binge-eating shows to tackle food waste.

A recent video of a dog almost bursting into tears went viral after his owner forced him to eat a bowl of chillies. In the video footage, the German Shepherd can be seen with tears streaming down his face. “He is enjoying it very much,” wrote the owner on the post.

According to reports, such content has attracted huge popularity on Chinese video-sharing platforms such as Douyin and others.

Since the German Shepherd video surfaced on Chinese social media, other disturbingly cruel videos have come to light. While one of the videos shows a pet owner trying to force a bag of poppy candy down a husky’s throat, another video shows two dogs forced to eat 38 varieties of human food in an eating challenge.

Videos have sparked outrage with users urging the authorities to step-in and put an end to such cruel practices. Chinese state-run-TV now shares reports of ‘binge-eaters’, while social media warns its users not to search for ‘eating-shows’ etc.

One user commented on Twitter, “What’s wrong with people?!”

According to reports, the owner of the German Shepherd has deleted the disturbing video after facing criticism online.

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