A 5-Foot Tall Skeleton Becomes This Toddler’s Best Friend, Accompanies Him Everywhere

The toddler with his a skeleton.
(Credit: Instagram/ @abigailkbrady)

The toddler with his a skeleton.
(Credit: Instagram/ @abigailkbrady)

A Utah based toddler has found friendship in the form of a new toy, ‘Benny’ a 5-foot-tall Halloween skeleton model!

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No one really knows how friendships happen and when someone suddenly becomes an integral or memorable part of one’s life. Over the years we have heard and seen a number of odd friendships, the following one completely relates to one such adorable pair.

A Utah based toddler has found friendship in the form of a new toy, ‘Benny’ a 5-foot-tall Halloween skeleton model! The two-year-old Theo is so fond of his ‘best friend’ that he wants to spend all the time with him.

Theo adores the skeleton so much that his mom Abigail Brady often has to take the Halloween decoration anywhere they go. It all started when the Brady family was planning to visit the local reservoir earlier in September. Abigail went down the basement to put their dog in the kennel. However, due to some flooding issue she had to stop and clean up the basement.

It was then Theo found the skeleton and took it upstairs. Theo’s fondness with Benny the skeleton grew, and he refused to part from his friend.

The two have been inseparable since the reservoir trip. Theo refuses to go anywhere without the decoration, while Abigail doesn’t blame her son, given the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else going on in the world. Abigail thinks ‘the quarantine has been really hard on Theo,’ and prior to the pandemic and quarantine rules they did enjoy play dates. ‘I think the skeleton helps’ for Theo to fill the friendship void, she adds.

Abigail has started sharing photos and videos of the new ‘best friends forever’ watching a movie, playing together and riding together in the grocery cart.

Theo can be seen narrating a bedtime story to Benny, in one of the pictures.

Although Abigail admits that Theo has recently been less adamant on tagging Benny along every time they leave the house, however, he insists that Benny stays in the room with him every single night.

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