Watch: Marriage Proposal Leads Woman to Kicking Her Lover into the Water in Hilarious Video

Video grab.
(Credit: Twitter)

Video grab.
(Credit: Twitter)

The man goes on to propose and as soon as the two kiss standing on the edge of the boat, the one carrying the woman revs up and makes the two lose balance.

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Romantic movies have surely hyped up the proposal scenes where the hero finally confesses his feelings, often through some grand speech or gesture, and the lady along with the audience is all tears and she finally says yes and they live happily ever after. However in real life, marriage proposals can be tricky affairs as a recent viral video proves.

A video posted by Twitter user Theo Shantonas shows a man walking up to a woman who is on a boat. The man stands on the edge of another boat which is next to the woman’s one. With the unstable water surface beneath them, the man goes on to propose and as soon as the two kiss, the boat carrying the woman revs up which makes the two of them lose balance.

The man ends up getting kicked by the woman after which he ultimately falls into the water.

The unexpected turn of events transformed a memorable romantic event into a more memorable hilarious one for netizens.

The video has received close to 15 lakh views and over 11,000 likes. In a follow up tweet, Shantonas mentioned that he has spoken to the man in the video and he was upset to hear that the couple got a lot of negative comments over the accident. He then urged netizens to not leave negative comments on the video.

Many users wished the couple a happy married life while some could not resist controlling their wits. As one user commented, “That’s the first kick of Life. Many more to come.”

Another user said that the event is a blessing for the couple. “Honestly, if you can survive a karate kick to the head, nearly drowning, and a boat crash all in a few seconds chances are you’ll survive a long exciting, fruitful marriage. Congrats to the both of you,” the person commented.

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