Sexist Kerala YouTuber Arrested after Support Pours in for Women Activists Who Attacked Him

Vijay P Nair ran a YouTube channel in which he claimed to be a psychiatrist and often uploaded sexist content against women |Image credit: YouTuber

Vijay P Nair ran a YouTube channel in which he claimed to be a psychiatrist and often uploaded sexist content against women |Image credit: YouTuber

A team of female activists led by artist Bhagyalekshmi got into a war of words with Vijay P. Nair after the latter shared a video in which he made sexist and lewd comments against her and others.

  • Last Updated: September 28, 2020, 8:33 PM IST


Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala has the past repute of fighting against any sort of mob attack from the frontline, as it firmly believes the execution of law and justice by the respective bodies concerned and not the public taking control over it.

However, the past couple of days saw a U-turn of events after a band of women physically attacked and poured black oil on a man propagating personally-aimed derogatory content against women over social media, particularly the known names in society.

A team of female activists led by award winning film voice artiste Bhagyalekshmi had on September 26, Saturday gone live on Facebook while getting into a war of words with Vijay P. Nair, who operates a YouTube channel spreading sexist remarks through videos and narratives.

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The live video had Bhagyalekshmi accompanied by activists Sreelakshmi Arackal and Diya Sana getting into a heated war of words with Nair in Thiruvananthapuram. They poured a bottle of black oil over him and took away his laptop which was later produced before the police.

While netizens flooded the social media scene with comments, shares, likes and emojis, the authorities soon took notice of the incident assuring necessary action in similar cases.

Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan promised strict action against anyone using social media handles to tarnish women. “If needed framing of a new legislation may be done in addition to the existing one,” he said.

Minister for Health and Social Welfare K.K. Shailaja found no fault in reacting against such miscreants irrespective of gender. Not passing any comment on the act of female activists, she said, “it calls for a strong case against Vijay P. Nair. The extent of such reactions has to be looked legally.”

Kerala State Women’s Commission chairperson M.C. Josephine called it “a natural way of response.”

One of the videos posted in Nair’s ‘Vtrix Scene’ channel on YouTube contained derogatory remarks against a former chairperson of Kerala Women’s Commission, who is a veteran poetess and activist. Another one was aimed towards an unnamed ‘prominent female dubbing artiste’ in the Malayalam film industry.

Both parties lodging complaint against each other after the incident, a case was registered against the female activists involved in the issue. Whereas the Kerala Hi-tech crime inquiry cell ruled that a case on non-bailable charges is taken against Nair by the police for propagating sexually explicit content. Nair was arrested from his residence in Thiruvananthapuram on September 28, 2020.

However, the matter has also become a bone of contention after one Shyam Antony put up a Facebook post about accompanying Bhagyalakshmi to Nair’s place on the same day. The whole series of action was then dubbed as CPM propaganda to divert from the recent controversies, once his role in the matter was up for debate on social media. Antony pulled the post after it invited controversy.

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