WATCH: Video of Man Cutting Palm Tree While On It is Leaving Netizens Shook

It turns out that cutting trees could be a deadly sport and especially if it is a massive palm tree. A recent video on Twitter has proved that as many netizens hail it as an extreme sport.

Video shared by user Rex Chapman shows a man on top of a tall palm tree where he is cutting the top part with a chainsaw. The tree is so tall that it bends halfway as the man chops it off. As the top part falls off the tree bends towards the opposite direction as the man clings on to the tree.

The video has received over 1.9 million views and 39.2k likes. The video has received mixed reactions as some call it exciting others call it a nightmare job.

Users commented how cutting palm trees could be converted into amusement park rides. As someone commented, “People would pay good money for that ride.” Another user said, “Yikes! Who needs amusement park rides when you’ve got this.” While one person said that he would do the job if Bill Gates gave him a blank signed check and a parachute.

However, one user who claimed to be an arborist said that the person in the video was showing off and did it the wrong way. “He was Showing Off! I have 43 years exp as an arborist, he ” SHOULD” have stripped the fronds & seed pods, LIGHTENING the weight load, the Stem would have Straightened itself SLOWLY, instead of Slinging that Dips*** around the Sky. Impressive to the untrained, BUT NOT SMART. (sic).”

While some also commented how arborists are not paid enough even after putting their life in danger for their jobs. In a sarcastic comment a user said, “That guy probably got a hefty raise, from $7.25 his boss must have bumped him up to $7.35.”

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