Classical Music Loving Cat Grooving to Violin is the Most ‘Purrfect’ Video You’ll See Today

Pets have always been a great source of companionship. If there’s anything the internet loves is more of pets going about doing their own things or without their human handlers in tow. However, one such act has become a viral sensation on Facebook.

In the video, violinist and Instagram star Esther Abrami can be seen playing the violin, while the cat is comfortably serenaded in a waist pouch.

Esther posted the video on Facebook, titled, “Violin practise with kitten.”

Adding further in the post, she jokingly mentioned the short recital as “Start of my practice session,” and “End of my session.”

Esther also gave a quick brief about about the cat, revealing Rémila is a kitten and was abandoned. The little feline was rescued by the cat shelter Association Féli-Cité.

“As a host family, I took care of her for the past week. When she arrived she was less than 400 grams, scared and had breathing issues from having stayed outside for several days,” she added in the post. Esther updated that the kitten has become ‘one of the friendliest cats I’ve ever seen’ after she fed her milk and gave cuddles for 7 days.

“She follows me absolutely everywhere around the house and refuses to be left alone on the floor. She is always either on my laps or in her little bag around my waist! #AdoptDontShop,” read her post.

The video titled “Violin practise with kitten,” has over 64,000 upvotes, over 4000 comments and has been shared 35,000 times within 48 hours of upload.

The adorable video has users fawning all over the cat. While some called the little baby ‘purrrrrfect’, other couldn’t stop noticing the way the cat enjoys the violin.

“I couldn’t help burst into laughter when it showed her asleep dangling out of the pouch lol I loved the melody it was absolutely beautiful,” a user wrote.

Esther Abrami is a French classical violinist and model based in London , while Féli-Cité is a non-profit animal welfare organisation.

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