Mother Surprising Son With Puppy is the Purest Content on the Internet

Who doesn’t like puppies?

Video shared by Twitter account Simon BRFC Hopkins shows a mother surprising her son with a cute puppy and the boy’s reaction is priceless. The boy was asking his mother to adopt a puppy for a long time and when his wish finally came true, he just could not hold back the tears of joy.

In the video, the kid is playing a video game when his mother enters with the gift. At first, the boy is trying to process the vision in front of him and then gasps in shock as he realises that it is a cute munchkin.

The boy starts crying as he realises his mother has brought a puppy for him and kneels down crying. The puppy who looks confused by his reaction, goes to him and consoles him with a mlem. The little doggo who also looks happy to meet its new friend plays with him and jumps on him.

The heart-warming video has been viewed over 7.2k times on twitter and continues to provide the much-needed positivity on the internet.

Netizens expressed their love for both the dog and the kid on twitter. A user commented, “Aww bless him, crying with happiness just love the part where the pup goes in for a cuddle.”

Some called it the cutest thing on twitter and said, “This is the cutest thing EVER! I wanna hug him + the dog… okay I wanna hug the Mam too (sic)”

Tweeters also praised the mother of the boy for such a pleasant surprise as some kids still struggle to convince their parents to pet a dog. “This has just made me bloody cry. how lovely to see such a happy happy little boy. What a great mum.”

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