Healthy Sex Life After a Cardiac Arrest Reduces Chances of Another Attack, Finds New Study

Survivors of heart attacks have since forever, almost, relied on numerous studies that suggest reducing sexual activities can directly help in reducing the chance of another one. But, a new study has revealed that people who have had heart attacks should go back to regular levels of sexual activity if they want to have a long life.

A research published on Wednesday by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology has given out a totally opposite view to what has been propagated so long, a CNN report said.

Researchers followed 495 couples for the study for almost 20 years and came to the conclusion that the couples who decided to get back to their regular sex lives had lowered the risk of death by another heart attack by a 35% than others who reduced their sexual activities.

Professor Yariv Gerber of Tel Aviv University in Israel was quoted as saying in a press release, “Sexuality and sexual activity are markers of wellbeing. “Resumption of sexual activity soon after a heart attack may be a part of one’s self-perception as a healthy, functioning, young and energetic person. This may lead to a healthier lifestyle generally.”

While concerns regarding a sudden physical exertion such as having sex effecting an heart attack are still there but the research marked that the survivors reduce a long-term health risk of heart problems by regular physical activity.

While there have been isolated incidents of sexual activity known to have triggered heart problems in some cases, researchers said maintaining a healthy exercise regime significantly lowered the risk.

The 495 patients were aged 65 years or below and had been hospitalized for their first heart attack in 1992-93. Their average age was 53 and 90% of them were men. Researchers found that after 22 years, 211 patients, or 43% of the total participants, passed away.

The researchers also studied other health and socio-economic factors such as obesity, physical activity among all the patients and found that most of the people in the group who died had mainly succumbed to conditions other than heart disease.

People who can climb stairs easily or jog or can walk a mile properly can and should go back to having a regular sexual routine again, Gerber said.

Gerber also attributed “improved physical fitness, stronger spouse relations, and a mental ability to ‘bounce back’ to sexual activity being a marker for a better recovery.

He however also cautioned about the strength of findings in case of women where the study is concerned, considering their smaller numbers and relatively young age.

The study also in no way assumed that regular sexual activity is the only factor for better survival chances, the researchers clarified. However, the study findings definitely show that patients need not be concerned about going back to regular sexual activity after suffering a heart attack, Gerber was quoted as saying.

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