Pupper-tato? Similarity Between Dog and Potato is Bamboozling the Internet

Not every day do we come across news of starchy vegetables that resemble our pets.

Joanne Gudger, a gardener from the UK, was fortunate enough to encounter a spitting image of her pet dog in a potato. Needless to say, Gudger was shocked and amused all at the same time.

Gudger,47, hailing from Atherstone, England, was harvesting potatoes in her allotted piece of community garden in Warwickshire in England when she discovered the spud that closely resembled her American bulldog, Dave.

She instantly took pictures of the potato and shared it with family members and friends.

Gudger told The Sun, “As soon as I pulled it out of the soil, I knew straight away that it looked like Dave, and I took a picture to send to my other half, Mark – even he said it’s the spitting image of him.”

After she posted the side-by-side photo of the potato and her pet dog Daveon various Facebook groups, she has been receiving funny, quirky comments from a lot of users and racking up likes.

Gudger also said that Dave was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and has not been keeping well, so his potato look alike has cheered up the family and even started to call their 13-year-old pet a nickname ‘potato head Dave.’

She added, “He’s getting older now and is going a bit grey so he probably looks more like the potato than ever. It was just perfect how the potato had Dave’s jowls and everything.”

Gudger added her garden digging discovery was a “breath of fresh air” amid the pandemic. Gudger and her family decided against consuming the potato, instead they have chosen to display the potato on a windowsill.

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