A Three-day Time-lapse Video of Indoor Plants is Creeping out Netizens and Here’s Why

Some Redditors are finding a three-day timelapse video of indoor plants unsettling and you have to watch it to know what they mean. Even though it sounds perfectly normal because they are just plants, however when viewed in hyperlapse the plants give off a creepy vibe to some viewers.

Filmed over three days, the video of 33 seconds is posted on Reddit’s Damnthatsinteresting subreddit by user Eunoisa. The video has garnered over 20.1k upvotes and has received mixed reactions from netizens.

Most of them compared the video to an LSD experience, while some were reminded of the Florence Pugh movie Midsommar where she takes recreational drugs and has creepy hallucinations. A user replied, “LSD would be a nightmare for you then lol” after one user commented, “I find this unsettling.” Some even called it a Midsommar nightmare.

The plants moved in an unusually fast motion in the video as one user said, “Yeah, plants would be a lot creepier if they moved that quickly.” Another viewer said how the collective movement of so many plants also contributed to the creepiness of the timelapse, “Super creepy. One is ok. A bunch is whoa.”

While one user was creeped out at the thought of sleeping next to their plants, “Now I have to try to go to sleep with my plants creeping around.”

Some users also explained how the unusual movement is enhanced since the plants are placed indoors and need more sunlight. “Just reacting to sunlight …they need it more than they are getting.” A redditor explained how the plants are just reacting to light. The user said that the calathea plants in the video move and open their leaves during the day and lift when it is dark.

Meanwhile, there were others who saw the video in a different light and said how it showed the lively side of plants. As one user said, “I think it’s cute. Plants are alive and if we didn’t see them as lifeless objects, this wouldn’t be surprising or unsettling.”

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