Gucci Rolls Out Jeans with ‘Grass Stains’ for £600 in its Autumn Collection

Not long ago, people were divided over the trend of ripped jeans. The loose threads,cuts and slashes on the jeans often are debated and utility of the clothing. But Gucci has set a new trend, and may be topic for a new debate, with its pair of worn-looking jeans from its autumn/winter collection.

Priced at £600, the Eco washed organic denim pants are complete with the illusion of fresh grass stains around the knee area. Gucci claims the material has been specifically treated to channel a ‘grunge vibe’ throughout Fall Winter 2020, the DailyMail reported.

The Italian brand has given its new collection the illusion of grass stains to evoke a ‘grunge vibe’ for their autumn/ winter collection. Be careful, your mother might throw your new Gucci jeans into the washing machine, because the grunge vibe is complete with faded brown spots in addition the green stains.

While ripped jeans picked up the trend and are popular now, the new jeans with grass stains may not be as impressive. Who wants to wear dirty jeans!!! What needs to be seen is that if this fashion trend has takers.

The jeans is already facing some nasty comments on social media.

‘Channelling the Fall Winter 2020 collection’s grunge vibe, this wide-leg denim pant is crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect,”the product description on Gucci website reads.

The Italian brand is also Rib knit wool oversize jumper with holes and frayed edges for £700. Well, the two can be paired together for a rough look. For Gucci, its new collection is ‘blurring the line between vintage and contemporary.’

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