Crab Smokes Cigarette in Viral Video, Walks Away after Seeing Camera

Whenever wild animals interact with human objects, the results often become viral. But this new viral is not a raccoon using a straw or squirrel stealing kid’s food in the park. Here we have a crab smoking, properly smoking, a cigarette.

The video has been uploaded on Twitter by a user named @natureloversrk. The caption read, “Another thing to see in 2020 is A Crab Smoke Cigarette, Source:- what’s up… Tip :- cigarette smoking is injurious to health.”

In the 35-second clip, a crab holds a cigarette between its claws. It puffs in the smoke and later exhales and repeats the process multiple times. Evidently, he realises he’s being filmed as he tries to walk away from the camera, all the while still holding the cigarette firmly in its grasp.

Many people were amused by the curious sight.

One user pointed how bad this year is. “Lmao. 2020 seems powerful enough to even depress the cancer icon itself.”

Another drew parallel between the smoking and crab’s symbology. “Now I get it why they associate Crab with Cancer Zodiac Sign.”

One person questioned the authenticity of the video. “Ridiculous Somethings not right No way to download video to check its source?”

However, not everyone was amused. Some people, like Office Susanta Nanda of India Forest Service (IFS), were concerned about what this video implies. He said, “Cancer taking a cancerous puff. This is like a bad dream. Our wastage being picked by crab. We can spoil any ecosystem with our attitude.”

Animals often get entangled with the waste we leave behind. There have been many heart-breaking images of turtles and birds being choked by plastic waste. While such videos can be amusing, they are also indicative of very flawed human habits; like disrespect for nature.

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