A London Bride Drives over 300 km to Celebrate Her Wedding with Grandfather at Care Home

Image for representation. (Reuters)

Image for representation. (Reuters)

The bride drove nearly 320 km in her wedding dress, with cake and champagne packed for the celebrations.

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People are having smaller weddings because of the COVID-19 pandemic and those who are more prone to infections are unable to join the festivities. The elderly and sick have lost a lot more freedom and mobility due to the coronavirus than regular, healthy people. But one bride from London was determined to have her grandfather taste her wedding cake and see her in her bridal dress.

Those senior citizens who live with family may not be as affected by the new distancing protocols. But those living in assisted care and homes have suffered a lot as the frequent visits from family members have become scarce and in some cases, completely absent. One such grandfather, Graham Burley, lives in a senior facility, away from his family. He was poised to miss his beloved granddaughter’s wedding as he cannot travel. He is old and has Parkinson’s disease.

But his granddaughter, 36-year-old Alex Pearce, who is a surgeon, wouldn’t disappoint her granddad. While most other brides move on to a honeymoon or head to their new marital home, Alex got in a car. She drove nearly 320 km in her wedding dress, with cake and champagne packed for the celebrations, as reported on LadBible.

As the newlywed couple made way towards the facility, they were first checked for their temperature. The care facility, while appreciative of this gesture, wouldn’t want to put their residents in danger. They also never interacted with their grandfather directly as a plastic shield separated them, another precautionary method. The facility was a part of the surprise while Graham knew nothing.

Despite the barrier and missing out on the chance to hug his granddaughter on her special day, he cried when he saw her, stunned and delighted by the surprise. Later they shared cake and champagne and toasted to the bride’s happily married life.

Senior citizens tend to have most of the co-morbidities that are dangerous during these times. For such reasons, they are considered ‘highly vulnerable’ to this deadly virus. While it’s dangerous for everyone, statistics show that recovery rate among younger people, provided they have no other diseases, is better than those above 60. Due to this, many governments and authorities are taking extra care to ensure the safety of this vulnerable section.

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