‘Waiter Read Tharoor’s Book?’: Harsh Goenka’s Elite Rendition of ‘Bhel Puri’ Cracks up Twitter

There is a certain charm that street food has which is lost when it is served in high-end restaurants and a recent tweet by Harsh Goenka proves that.

The RPG Group conglomerate, who is pretty active on the microblogging site, presented his followers with a Maya Sarabhai-esque description of Bhelpuri. In his tweet, Goenka said, “Waiter in 5 star-Will you have crispy puffed rice drizzled with aromatic cilantro and chefs secret micro-greens, bathed in luscious dates and rare chillies, seasoned with a sauce of sweet tamarind tossed in finely diced potatoes and crunchy round wafers? I- You mean ‘bhel puri’.”

The sumptuous rendition of the Bombay street-food cracked-up Goenka’s followers. Some netizens thought that the waiter must have been inspired by Congress Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor’s impeccable vocabulary while others pointed out how the description is incomplete without onion and garlic chutney. A user commented, “Waiter might have read Shashi Tharoor’s book.”

While another said, “Kanda missing hai, 5 star guys don’t know how to make bhel and without garlic chutney the bhel is not complete.”

The tweet also inspired some of the netizens to come up with their own elite versions of Indian street food. A user commented described samosa as a golden brown crispy pastry with a scrumptious filling of potatoes & peas with finely chopped onions & a special selection of exotic spices with a dash of fresh lime juice, chinese parsley & toasty cashews baked or fried to perfection.

Journalist Sanjay Pugalia also added his version of Jhal Muri in the comments section, “But I believe you like salted crispy rice puffs drizzled with finely diced potato, onion, cucumber, black gram, sprinkled with coconut flakes, peanuts, finely chopped green chillies and chefs secret spicy powder with 7 ingredients seasoned with mustard oil. I mean Jhal Muri.”

In another such example, industrialist Harsh Goenka posted a hilarious clip on his Twitter account and went on to boost the post’s “laugh out loud” quotient by comparing the dog to a neighbour, who does not mind their own business.

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