‘Vacation’ to ‘Hair-cut’, Here’s What Netizens Wish to do If the Pandemic Disappears Suddenly

Representative image. (Credit: Reuters)

Representative image. (Credit: Reuters)

Though it’s scary to wonder how life can be controlled by a small virus, but it’s important to keep looking forward.

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At the turn of the new year, many would have made resolutions to change their life. Some may have had travel plans, while others may have wanted to move into a new house or start a new college. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came around and stopped everything in its tracks.

Though it’s scary to wonder how life can be controlled by a small virus, but it’s important to keep looking forward. Here are some people who want to keep hoping, with their various plans about what they’ll do as soon as coronavirus pandemic ends.

It all started with reporter Megan Reeves asking the Twitterverse what people would do if the pandemic were to suddenly disappear.

And netizens responded with so many plans:

1. This sad story to break your heart-

“Beg someone to take me out into the world. Was a 24/7 caretaker of my mom for 12 years and only left the house a few times for less than a few hours. Mom died in March.”

2. This person who is clearly very tired of their cooking skills:

“Have nice Italian meal in a good restaurant prepared by someone other than yours truly with a group of friends and family.”

3. This woman who is in desperate need of hair-car.

“My hair. My God, my hair.”

4. While the Europe vacation has no other option, one can try to dress up at home and wear makeup just to please oneself.

“I’d book a vacation to Europe for the holidays and at the weekend I’d get drunk with about 50 of my extended family; gossiping in corners and laughing at everything and dancing until the wee hours”

5. This spiritual awakening

“Go meet and hug my friends one by one like I’m completing one religious yatra.”

6. This anti-shopping person who just wants the most mundane things from life.

“Weirdly, I want to go shopping for an entire day (I *** hate shopping) with a couple of mates and stop for a decadent wine-fuelled lunch in the middle. I don’t know why this is it, but this is it.”

The original tweet has over 6.5 thousand replies. You can see more here https://twitter.com/mareevs/status/1306626908235460610

Here’s hoping everyone gets to fulfill their wishes soon

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