This Twitter Thread About Random Acts of Kindness by Strangers is the Warm Hug We All Needed

Representative image (News18).

Representative image (News18).

‘What’s the nicest thing an absolute stranger has done for or to you?’ a Twitter user simply asked which soon turned into a wholesome thread.

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For the past few months, we have been inundated with a barrage of negative news, economic downturns, unemployment, and the likes. The COVID-19 pandemic has put brakes on meeting our families and friends, going shopping and bumping into strangers during summer vacations in and outside of India.

Various streaming platforms and the idiot box has been our best friend throughout the lockdown period so far – this might resonate with those who have been living by themselves a lot more. There’s so much content to read, to watch and to take in on the Internet today and we’ve been almost stuck in a rut of negativity.

Most streaming sites and other similar platforms tend to focus on the darker side time and again. We’ve been told how social media interactions can lead us to feel isolated and exist in silos, how too much information that the Internet gives can be harmful, and how we’ve grown to stare into our devices even at the dinner tables.

However, a recent Twitter thread came in like a breath of fresh air amid all the claustrophobic tales. A Twitter user by the name Peter Griffin (@zigzackly) simply asked netizens to share “What’s the nicest thing an absolute stranger has done for or to you”. The tweets that followed are stuff to make your day and believe that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

It has garnered a global response on the micro-blogging site with many sharing touching incidents they have experienced.

Here’s the first tweet that started it all:

To answer Peter Griffin’s call to share random acts of kindness, one Twitter user recalled his flight from Berlin to Edinburgh where his co-passenger ‘paid for his meal’.

Another user wrote about a similar incident where an absolute stranger bought her food because she didn’t have enough money to pay for a bite.

There were also responses that spoke of strangers being heroic and not just kind. One of the Twitter users shared that a stranger ‘saved my life when I was 6-7 years’.

Not only do these tales reinforce our belief in humanity, but they also make us believe that there’s always going to be enough kindness around to keep us afloat.

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