Can You Spot the Cat Hiding in Plain Sight in This Viral Photo on Reddit?

Redditors were in for a mystery solving case when a user posted a curious case of an invisible cat for them.

The user, pizzaslayer111, put up an image of his living room this week and asked the community to find the cat. The puzzling part of the challenge was that the cat was nowhere to be seen on first glance. So the Redditors had to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of the invisible cat.

For some spotting the animal was not that difficult while some had to zoom in and out on the image multiple times to spot the sneaky feline. A user commented, “I started checking out the books at that point. I gave up, then I noticed it after zooming back out and closing it”

The challenge frustrated some who thought it might just be a prank. One of them said, “Where is it?! I’ve been looking for a straight five minutes!Error! Filename not specified.”

While most of the users started with searching the bookshelf, the cat was actually only partially visible, facing the camera. “Didn’t have to zoom to feel that stalky, murderous intend bruh(sic),” wrote one of them.

Another one said, “This makes me think of the meme, the chance of a cat killing you are almost zero….(zoom in on cat)…almost…(dramatic music)”

The post has engaged, intrigued, confused, and challenged many netizens as the post received over 21,000 upvotes and 725 comments over three days.

It appears that finding pets hidden in plain sight has become a thing on the internet now since users commented that some groups have been created just for this purpose.

The current group posts images taken by cat owners who ask netizens to find their pets which at first looks like an impossible task. The cats can be seen hiding on the dining table, in the bathroom cabinets, inside bookshelves, and sometimes in the bushes.

Making netizens wonder if the creatures have developed some magical invisible power or learnt a few tricks from a chameleon friend.

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