Rare Blue Pit Viper Nestling on Red Rose in Viral Video is Mesmerizing Netizens

Netizens are in awe of the viral video of a blue snake on Twitter.

However, there’s a catch! Do not simply fall for its beauty because it is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

The video shared on Twitter by Life on Earth shows the rare blue pit viper nestling on a red rose, mesmerising the viewers with its unique colour.

However, the rare breed belongs to one of the most dangerous species of snakes. According to Australian Geographic, it belongs to the white-lipped island pit viper (Trimeresurusinsularis) group, which is related to the white-lipped pit viper (T. albolabris). These fascinating reptiles are found in Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia’s Sunda islands. Another unusual fact about the blue pit viper is that most of white-lipped vipers are green in colour, making the social media star even more rare.

Speaking to Australian Geographic, Stephen Mahony from the Herpetology Collection at the Australian Museum says, “It is implied that this is not an ontogenetic or temporary colour – these blue snakes are blue their entire life.”

Some netizens expressed their disbelief, as a user commented, “Is it really blue? Is it possible? Awesome.” Other netizens just called it a “masterpiece of nature.”

Journalist and poet Pritish Nandy also commented on the post, as he tweeted, “How beautiful is this blue pit viper and watch it stand out against the dark red rose.”

The fascinating video on social media might just be a real life example of the famous saying all that glitters is not gold. The spectacular colour of this rare island snake makes it one of the deadliest predators of the wildlife.

Vipers are known to use their appearance to attract their prey and attack them with their venom. Their prey are usually small animals which they hunt by striking and envenomating.

According to Australian Geographic, the white-lipped island vipers’ venom is known to be ‘haemorrhagic’, which can cause pain, swelling, necrosis of the flesh and severe internal and external bleeding.

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