Hyderabad Schoolgirl’s Paintings Put Up on Walls of London Restaurant

It is said that art transcends borders, languages, cultures, and this saying became more true when a Hyderabadi schoolgirl’s paintings were bought to put up in a restaurant in London.

Syeda Ashna Turabi, a 14-year-old from Hyderabad, left a British businessman impressed with her art so much that he bought six of his paintings to decorate his upcoming restaurant in South London.

Her paintings were spotted by the British man on Facebook where Turabi’s father frequently uploads her artworks. Speaking to The News Minute, Ashna said, “My father has always supported me. It is only because of his encouragement that today I am able to create these paintings.”

Ashna’s father Urooj Turabi told news agency ANI that he is proud of his daughter’s achievement. He says that he will continue his support and encouragement and wishes to see his daughter’s work recognised on an international level.

The upcoming restaurant in South London named Adeena’s Kitchen will serve Hyderabadi food and each of Ashna’s paintings selected for the decor are five to six feet tall.

A student of class 10 Ashna explains that art is her hobby and she uses acrylic colours, coffee, and ink for the paintings. She also does a fair amount of pencil sketches.

Ashna now wishes to do a series of paintings on Indian culture and heritage, “I am planning to do a series of paintings on various subjects. Through these series, I will try to explore Indian culture and will conduct an exhibition of my artworks in the future,” she added.

Ashna has created 25 canvas paintings till now and she wishes to hold an exhibition of her artwork after she finishes school. The paintings bought by the British restaurant owner have already been sent off to the UK and soon will display Ashna’s works to an international audience.

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