Guinness World Records Shares Video of Drivers Fighting for the Tightest Parallel Parking Spot

The best parallel parking videos you have ever seen | Image credit: Twitter

The best parallel parking videos you have ever seen | Image credit: Twitter

This Guinness World Records video featuring the world’s ‘Tightest parallel parking’ stunt is going viral on social media.

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Traffic in India almost resonates with the country’s image, doesn’t it? No matter what part of it you come from, a stuck-in-traffic anecdote is easy and common to us all. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kerala man PJ Biju’s exceptional ability to parallel park took the Internet by storm. His amazing parking skills left viewers baffled and experienced drivers mighty impressed.

Since we’re on the subject, we’ve got a treat for you in a Guinness World Records video featuring the world’s ‘Tightest parallel parking’. Guinness World Records posted the video on Facebook on Monday and you are sure to be left amazed by it.

The first clip of the three-minute video showcases UK’s Alastair Moffatt successfully pull an evidently tricky reverse parallel parking manoeuvre. In his first attempt, he is seen reversing into a small parking space leaving only 34 cms between his car and those that are in front and back.

For his next stunt, he teams up with compatriots John and Trevor Moffatt – a stunt that got them a spot in the record books for the tightest triple car parallel park. The British trio broke a previous attempt for the tightest simultaneous triple car parallel park set by Jia Han, Li Long and Xia Hongjun.

Since the video has been posted on Facebook, it has been ‘liked’ more than 18,000 times and has received over a thousand user-impressed comments.

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“These dynamic drivers are the greatest of all time at parallel parking,” wrote Guinness World Records while sharing the video titled ‘Tightest Parallel Parks’.

Well, they say ‘a good driver is one who knows how to park’, and these skilled men seem to live by that too. While they set the bar high for parallel parking and tempt us toward an adventure too, it’s important to be responsible and safe first – after all, it’s practice what makes perfect.

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