YouTube Blogger Chants ‘Modiji’ for 24 Hours Straight to Celebrate PM’s 70th Birthday

Video grab of Live.
(Credit: YouTube/ Anmol Bakaya Vlogs)

Video grab of Live.
(Credit: YouTube/ Anmol Bakaya Vlogs)

Meet Anmol Bakaya, who decided to chant ‘Modiji’ for 24 hours straight on his YouTube live.

  • Last Updated: September 17, 2020, 8:51 PM IST


Wishes poured in from all corners of the world for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who turned 70 on Thursday.

World leaders including Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli, Russian President Vladimir Putin among others also extended their good wishes to the Indian prime minister and several other leading personalities from across the nation too sent him wishes on his birthday.

The workers of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore have offered 70kgs of laddu to at Sivan Kamatchi Amman temple ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s birthday. Several netizens on social media also ran the ‘Plank You Modi’ challenge to express their gratitude towards the leader for his selfless work.

However, amid all of Modi’s well-wishers, one person has stood out and seems to be his biggest fan. Meet Anmol Bakaya, who decided to chant ‘Modiji’ for 24 hours straight on his YouTube live.

Taking to his YouTube channel, Anmol Bakaya Vlogs, the man said, “In the past year I’ve heard a lot of things both positive and negative about our Honorable Prime Minister, but personally I just have immense respect for him and for all that he has done for our nation, my support for him is never-ending and this is just a little gesture of appreciation and nothing more.”

Sitting against a background strewn with spiritual quotes and mythological imagery, Anmol said, “If you’re watching this video for the first time, please stay for minimum a minute as your watch time helps to promote this video and reach Shri Narendra Modi ji”.

The blogger has over 3.50K subscribers and also takes a minute’s break in-between.

PM Modi usually starts celebrating his birthday by meeting his mother and seeking her blessings. He also spends some time among common public. Since taking over as the prime minister in 2014, he has observed his birthday by inaugurating a dam, spending time with school children, inspecting projects and offering prayers to Narmada or at Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi.

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