Modi’s 70th Birthday: Feeding Peacocks to Playing with Toddler, 5 Times PM Went Viral on Social Media

PM Modi with his 'Very Special Friend' (left) and PM Modi feeding peacocks( rights).

PM Modi with his ‘Very Special Friend’ (left) and PM Modi feeding peacocks( rights).

On PM Modi’s birthday, here are 5 instances where posts by the Prime Minister of India created a social media storm.

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Prime Minister Modi celebrates his 70th birthday on September 17. The ruling BJP government has been organising a Seva Saptah to mark his birthday week and the campaign will continue till Sunday. One of the most popular leaders on social media, PM Modi has been known to post images and videos on Twitter and Instagram that have gone viral.

On his birthday, here are 5 instances where posts by the Prime Minister of India created a social media storm.

PM Modi Feeds Peacocks during Morning Exercise

In this around 2 minute video posted by the prime minister himself in August, he is seen feeding peacocks at his residence during his morning exercise routine. Since being posted, the video received over 70 lakh views.

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भोर भयो, बिन शोर, मन मोर, भयो विभोर, रग-रग है रंगा, नीला भूरा श्याम सुहाना, मनमोहक, मोर निराला। रंग है, पर राग नहीं, विराग का विश्वास यही, न चाह, न वाह, न आह, गूँजे घर-घर आज भी गान, जिये तो मुरली के साथ जाये तो मुरलीधर के ताज। जीवात्मा ही शिवात्मा, अंतर्मन की अनंत धारा मन मंदिर में उजियारा सारा, बिन वाद-विवाद, संवाद बिन सुर-स्वर, संदेश मोर चहकता मौन महकता।

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Rare 20-year-old Image of PM Modi Outside White House

BJP Telangana president G Kishen Reddy shared pictures of his visit with PM Modi to the White House about 20 years ago. Back then, Modi along with some other political leaders was invited by ACYPL (American Council of Young Political Leaders).

He took a picture in front of the White House, oblivious to the fact that after two decades he would be invited back as the PM of the largest democracy in the world.

PM Narendra Modi Shares Photo with a ‘Very Special Friend’

The Prime Minister shared the image with a ‘very special friend’ on Instagram where he is seen playing with a toddler in his arms.

PM Modi’s Birthday Created a Guinness World Record

In 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his 66th birthday went to his hometown to meet his mother Heeraben and seek her blessings. After that, he went to Navsari where he attended a function where aid was distributed to the differently-abled people. About 989 lamps were lit simultaneously in Navsari making it a Guinness World Record.

PM Modi’s Video of Sun Temple in Gujarat

The Prime Minister shared a video on his Twitter of the iconic Sun Temple in Modhera, Gujarat. He captioned the post, “Modhera’s iconic Sun Temple looks splendid on a rainy day! Have a look.”

In the video, one can see water cascading through the steps of the temple. Since being posted, the video has garnered over 3 lakh likes.

Did you know, Modi’s book of poetry titled ‘A Journey: Poems by Narendra Modi’, which was published in 2014 deals with all the same themes that we also find in his political campaigns — like that of Hinduism, and nationalism?

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