Debate over Regional Food Takes over Twitter as Hollywood Model Chrissy Teigen Joins In

Food is such a great cultural indicator. Some foods are so deep rooted in a region’s identity that one look at them and you’d know where it’s from. However, it’s not necessary that everyone would be a fan of their regional favourite foods.

A Twitter user recently posted a question, asking people what food they don’t appreciate from their region. She tweeted, “What’s a food that’s part of your region and/or culture that you do not care for? I’m a southerner and I hate boiled peanuts”

Someone who clearly isn’t a Southerner (in United states) was flabbergasted at this tweet. “Boiled peanuts ? What in the world is that ? Why would anyone eat that?”

While some other stood in support of their proud peanut tradition.

Among the respondents was famous model and Twitter Queen, Chrissy Teigen. She said, “Norwegian and Pacific Northwesterner here: smoked salmon. Thank you for saying “don’t care for” and not “hate” – I will eat it if it’s around lol.”

She made it a point to appreciate how the original author did not say ‘hate’. Generally, people on Twitter are quick to ‘hate’ something, but this was a positive take on dislike. Others chimed in with their responses.

This tweet pleased those around coastal areas, and do not like seafood. It must be hard being stuck in a place people love the things you don’t.

However, this user just negated all the British stereotypes. Doesn’t a Britisher have to love tea, by default?

Someone was more emphatic about food groups in general, writing, “Love the language. I group food into 3 classifications: 1) I like this a lot 2) Don’t love, but would eat if it’s free 3) *gags*”

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