Jon Snow from ‘Game of Thrones’ is Trending and We Know Nothing but Maybe Netflix Does

Why is Jon Snow trending? We swear we know nothing | Image credit: Twitter

Why is Jon Snow trending? We swear we know nothing | Image credit: Twitter

‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’ has become one of the most popular lines associated with the popular character from Game of Thrones played by Kit Harrigton, who will soon be seen on Netflix.

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Missing Jon Snow and Game of Thrones? Over a year has passed since the world-famous HBO series came to a rather damp end in May last year. Fans hysteria for popular characters from the show, however, has not entirely died down yet with many wondering when they will get to see their beloved characters from the David Benioff and DB Weiss saga on screen again.

On Wednesday, for instance, #JonSnow became one of the top trends on Twitter. And the reason? No one knows nothing.

Jon Snow, who was played by the talented Kit Harrington, was the “bastard” child and protagonist of the show who ended up killing Danaerys Targaryan and destroying the Iron Throne to become the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and the King of the North.

Yet, one of the most enduring dialogues associated with Jon Snow ever delivered, perhaps the one he will be remembered for even more than his own dialogues and bravado, was the one said to him by his first lady love, Ygritte, in the show’s second season before he lost his virginity to her: “You know nothing Jon Snow”.

As #JonSnow trended on social media, many took to the platform to ask why he was trending. But of course, no one knew nothing.

Not even Netflix. As excitement regarding the mysterious trend grew, the OTT platform tweeted, “Don’t ask us why Jon Snow is trending. We know nothing.”

The trend nevertheless launched a series of GoT meme-posting and nostalgia tripping.

Many even wondered of Game of Thrones, which was released on Hotstar, was finally coming to Netflix.

But does Netflix really know nothing? Close followers of the platform and Harrington fans would know that the The Game of Thrones alum is set to guest-star in the second season of Netflix series “Criminal”. The police interrogation drama, created by George Kay, debuted in September last year.

Besides Harington, the show will also feature actors Sharon Horgan, Kunal Nayyar and Sophie Okonedo, reported Deadline.

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