Age, No Bar: UK Woman Starts University at 54, Inspires Others to Pursue their Dreams

A British woman has proved that age is nothing more than a number after her recent tweet went viral. Emma Preston from Britain announced on Sunday that she will be starting university at the age of 54 and netizens’ response is overwhelming.

“I start university tomorrow at the age of 54. I could not be more proud,” Preston tweeted. She will be going to study a four-year course in Television Production at University of Central Lancashire, and the Internet is inspired.

The Twitter handle of The Central University of Central Lancashire also welcomed their resilient student on board. “And we’re thrilled to have you join us Emma,” tweeted the university.

Congratulatory messages poured in from all over the world for Preston and since Sunday, the tweet has received over 2.9 lakh likes. Preston’s stereotype shattering tweet gave confidence to many others to tell their story of how they started university at a later stage in life. User named Janice Rossi commented, “I went back and got my BA in Economics at 39 and finished at 41 as a single parent with 3 kids in elementary school. Much easier when older as you have life experience to draw on. Bravo to you for making the decision.”

User named Deb commented, “I went back to school at 38 for a BA and back to school again at 48 for a Masters. I finished at 50 and it changed my life! Congrats!”

Another user, The O’ Cearra, said how Preston’s tweet has inspired him to apply to a university that he fancies at 52 as he tweeted, “That’s brilliant. I’m 52 this year and am thinking of going back to studying next year. There’s an MSc at Edinburgh that I really fancy, but I talked myself out of applying this year. You’ve made me reconsider. Cheers!”

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay at home many people have signed up for online courses to upgrade their resume. Online course portals like UpGrad, Skill Share, Coursera have observed a spike in their subscriptions as the pandemic continues.

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