‘With Coffee or Tea’: Best Way to Eat Hide-n-Seek Biscuit is a Raging Discussion on Reddit

Representative Image. Credits: Behance

Representative Image. Credits: Behance

The latest ongoing debate on the Reddit platform on the best combination to have ‘Hide N Seek’ Biscuits to light creating a buzz. Redditors can’t stop sharing their way of eating biscuits.

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The latest ongoing debate on the Reddit platform is all about bringing the best combination to have ‘Hide N Seek’ Biscuits to light. Enjoying food is a personal experience and ‘to each their own’. However, the internet is no more a strange place to discuss various food pairing opinions.

The recent discussion also got Redditors together and engaged after an account admin on the platform asked, “What’s the best way to eat Hide n Seek?”

Obviously, a true ‘tea and biscuit fan’ will understand what it means to have that soaked treat after dunking into a hot cuppa tea. The choices of biscuits – from size to flavor, to the beverage dipped in are many. In this example, the bigger question is if Hide and Seek could taste delicious with either coffee or dessert or both.

In an inquisitive post, the Redditor who goes under the username thatcityboi wanted to explore and pick the ideal way to enjoy ‘Hide N Seek’ cookies. He revealed that he loves the biscuit and was on the lookout for suggestions whether it would taste better with milk, coffee, or whipped cream.

His post reads, “Hello my dudes and dudettes. I’m sure you all must be familiar with hide n seek, the godsent bits of dessert. This a just post regarding what’s the best way to eat a hide n seek cookies?”

“With milk? Coffee? Whipped cream? Any other suggestions?” he asked elaborating his question.

“I’m just someone who really likes these and would love to savour them in the best possible way. Any other innovative you have discovered, please let me know. P.S.: They make absolutely the best munchies, ” he added.

The post attracted huge attention with many happily obliging with some unique and ways of devouring ‘Hide N Seek’.

One of the major points of debate was if it should be savored line by line i.e. diagonally or horizontally. Many came up with peculiar suggestions of enjoying the treat such as having the biscuit with cheese, white chocolate, jam, Nutella, or peanut butter.

A few people had interesting ideas too that could enhance the flavor of the biscuit. A classic way according to one user was dipping the sweet chocolate biscuit in cold water.

Most hailed the Hide n Seek teamed with coffee options as they would make a heavenly pair.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned combinations? Do you have a unique way of enjoying the ‘Hide n Seek’ biscuits?

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