Objectifying Comments, Double-meaning Jokes: Math Teacher Faces Creepy Remarks on Lecture Video

Street harassment and cat-calling is something that women have been living with since forever. Sometimes their clothes and sometimes the time they chose to step out is blamed for being harassed and abused, even though we know that it is the harasser who needs to be blamed.

While public spaces are known to be filled with such harassers, online space is no different. Trolls often haunt women with abusive comments and rape threats. In a recent incident, a woman was objectified with obnoxious comments on a video lecture that she had uploaded on YouTube. The comments section was filled with disturbing comments that sexualised her.

The screenshot of the comments was shared on Twitter as people condemned the objectionable behaviour shown by people on YouTube. The woman was simply teaching Class 9 geometry, but was faced with all sorts of sick comments focused on her body and physical appearance.

Screenshot of the tweet.

Here is a screenshot of some of the comments:

The comments have triggered an outrage on Twitter with people raising questions on women safety on online spaces.

The videos are a few years old, but people have been thronging them recently, probably owing to classes being pushed to online world after coronavirus pandemic.

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