Little Puppy Miraculously Survives California Wildfire, Firefighters Name Him ‘Trooper’

A puppy survived a massive wildfire in California | Image credit: Twitter

A puppy survived a massive wildfire in California | Image credit: Twitter

The puppy survived the wildfire and was found last Friday, hiding in possible parts of a metal engine on a large property in Berry Creek, California.

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Images of the deadly Bear Fire in California have been haunting us on social media this past week. Looking like an image from Mars, everything seems orange in the city and countryside, owning to the horrendous wildfires.

Amidst the chaos, a little happy moment was achieved by the brave firefighters in the rescue mission. When they thought there were no survivors, something moved under the rubble of house now left to ashes. They followed the movements to discover a puppy who was somehow still alive in the ruined mess.

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office said the puppy was covered in soot. He was found last Friday, hiding in possibly parts of a metal engine on a large property in Berry Creek. The animal was immediately transported to the Veterinary clinic in Chico by Animal Control. He had suffered minor burns but miraculously lived through the nightmare.

The rescuers have named him “Trooper” on account of his spirit. However, he must has had another name as he was a part of another family. A spokesperson for the County Sherriff informed CBS that the family owned multiple dogs but couldn’t collect them all before fleeing the fast approaching flames. The dog is still with the control board, he will possibly be reunited with his family soon.

The horrendous fire was caused by fireworks lit during a gender-reveal party. Almost nine people have been confirmed dead, including a sixteen-year-old boy and a seventy-seven-year-old woman. The fires seem almost invincible, spreading at a deadly rate. Search and rescue are on their toes every day, looking for survivors amidst the rubble.

While humans are being rescued with diligence, the department has not forgotten the animals who through no fault have been trapped in the fire’s radius. From pigs to cows, all sorts of domesticated animals have been spotted and rescued by the state troopers.

Though according to a CBS13 journalist account, there were empty pens as well. Possibly a sign that their owners took them along or the animals managed to flee the fires in time. Some were found severely dehydrated or injured.

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