Kanye West threatens a strike, dubbing music industry a ‘modern day slave ship’

Kanye West threatens a strike, dubbing music industry a ‘modern day slave ship’

Soon after announcing his run for president, American rapper Kanye West took to Twitter to urge his fans to ‘stop killing each other’ and ‘respect each other’.

The rapper began by comparing himself to the historically religious figure Moses and claimed, “I’m not industry bro … I don’t care… I’m in service to Christ … we need world healing … I miss my brothers… I refuse to argue with black men on labels we don’t own… even twitter.”

“I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own.”

“Let’s stop killing each other … let’s show God that we are Gods people … my ego gets the best of me too… God doesn’t measure us by money in his kingdom … let’s love each other… I love my brothers and I miss my friends … real talk.”

Per the now-deleted post, the singer claimed, “I’m not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal … On God … in Jesus name … come and get me.”

After dubbing himself the ‘new Moses’ West went on to say, “I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony. I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved. I’m putting my life on the line for my people. The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships.”

Later on, he posted another flurry of tweets urging the population to ‘evolve’ and ‘use the government money and buy land’.

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