CIA Posts ‘Spot the Difference’ Puzzle and Internet Sleuths Who Solved It Expect Job Offers

The Central Intelligence Agency would not have expected to face defeat at their own game when they posted a challenge for netizens on Twitter.But it seems even the best spy agents have their not-so-good days.

In a recently posted ‘spot the difference’ game, the US intelligence agency asked netizens to spot ten differences between the two images. “Put your observation skills to the test. Can you spot the 10 differences in the photo below?”

Netizens took the challenge quite seriously expecting a job offer from the CIA and joining forces with Jack Ryan. However, as pointed out by the followers, it turned out there were more than ten differences in the images posted by the spying agency.

Some were quick to find all ten in less than a minute and were expecting an appointment letter from the CIA. While some extremely competitive candidates found eleven or twelve differences between the two images.

User named @FEBINIRIMBEN took the game a notch up as he shared his breakthrough methodology in solving the game, “@CIA I can find the difference just by looking. I found a method to compare the two images by stacking them together by adjusting my viewing distance and focusing. I can even find difference between the similar qr codes (sic)”

The American intelligence agency frequently shares puzzles and other interactive social media posts for its followers. Last month, the agency shared a cryptic puzzle for its followers to solve and asked those who had found the solution to head to its careers page.

The solution to the puzzle said, “During World War two, the Germans used a cipher machine called the Enigma. It could send and receive messages quickly and secretly.”

Many followers speculate that the puzzles and cryptic posts shared by the agency is a method of recruiting people for the CIA. However, the CIA neither confirms nor denies this speculation.

Well, at least they tried.

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