UK Student Accidentally Rents a Large Simpson-painted Apartment in a ‘Lucky’ Incident

Photo: The Simpsons/Twitter

Photo: The Simpsons/Twitter

In a recent incident, a Simpson painted house was spotted after a student decided to rent the apartment.

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Fandom for favourite characters can go to various extents, ranging from basic merchandise like shirts and bags to something as huge as painting an entire house’s exterior with the character of choice.

In a recent incident, a Simpson painted house was spotted after a student decided to rent the apartment. However, it must be noted that the outer of the house was painted with Simpson characters Bart and Homer Simpson.

According to a report published in The Sun, Charlie Lucas-Smith was looking for a house ahead of his second year of university. The Bristol University student discovered the Simpsons only four days before he moved in. This happened because he had done a home tour only through video calls and had only seen interior.

The revelation happened only after he put the address on Google street to check whether or not there is parking space outside the house.

Speaking to the news portal, he said, “I wanted to see if there were any parking spaces, and when I put the address into Google Maps, it suddenly sunk in where I was living. I sent a photo of it in the group chat and said ‘surely we’re not living here. Luckily it’s right up my street at the end of the day and something I find really funny, and I’ve always been a massive fan of the Simpsons.”

The house is painted in orange colour and has a large mural of Homer Simpson painted on the front. In the mural, he can be seen hold a spray can over his plate of donuts. On one the side, a huge portrait of Bart is also painted who can be seen chilling on a beachside.

Describing the experience of living in the Simpsons themed house, Charlie said they often keep hearing people talk about their abode. He also heard someone saying, ‘this house is jokes’.

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