Kolkata Man Arrested for Posting Under Viral #RheaChakrabortyOfMyLife Hashtag to Harass Ex-girlfriend

Bollywood actor Rhea Chakraborty’s name has powered quite a lot of misogynistic trends and trolling on social media. Starting with ‘Bengali women do black magic’ to ‘Rhea is a witch’, the media trial of Rhea has long weaved a wicked narrative against women, revealing the misogyny and patriarchy of India. And now, her name is being used to harass other women.

In the days since Chakraborty’s invasive media trial leading up to her arrest, a hashtag called #RheaChakrabortyOfMyLife started doing the rounds on social media and a number of men from Kolkata have been found to be using the hashtag to spread malicious lies about their ex-girlfriends in an attempt to shame and gaslight them.

As per a report in the Bengali daily Anandabazar Patrika, several men have been reportedly using the hashtag to spread false allegations against their former partners.

The report states for the past several days, the Cyber Cell of Lalbazar Police Station has been receiving many formal complaints from women across the city, who have been accusing their former male partners or male friends for starting this new trend. Some men have even been arrested for the same.

One such arrest has been made for a man identified as Pranay Chandra by the Netaji Nagar police. The woman who has filed her complaint against this man, a model by profession, said that she was physically abused by Pranay and it went up to such an extent, that she had a bruise on one of her eyes. Pranay even broke her scooter.

Similar allegations have come from other women including one from Salt Lake, who said that her former partner even went to her workplace to defame her with false claims. He went on to use the viral hashtag to publicly shame her on social media. Another woman from the city alleged that after refusing to have any relation with a man from her residential area, the accused compared her with Rhea on social media, leveling false allegations on her.

Following the incident, a mental health expert has stated that such posts are made for the sake of raking a few likes and followers. People want to believe since it’s a trending topic, so using of such a hashtag will further the reach, vilifying the women more and more.

Rhea has been recently nabbed by the Narcotics Control Bureau for her alleged drug links to the demise of former Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The actress has been long subjected to investigation by central agencies and media trial following her alleged boyfriend, Rajput’s death on June 14.

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