Watch: Moonwalking Boys Photobomb BBC’s Live Reporting in This Hilarious Viral Video

Video grab of photobombing children.
(Credit: Twitter/ @joetidy)

Video grab of photobombing children.
(Credit: Twitter/ @joetidy)

The BBC reporter was performing to PTC when two passers-by decided to photobomb him with their moonwalk.

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Journalists are subjected to myriads of interruptions often bizarre and scary, when out on the field reporting.

Unfortunately, the city crowds are one of the trickiest to perform a good person-to-camera (PTC) report as experienced by a BBC reporter in Frankfurt recently. The reporter was performing to PTC when two passers-by decided to photobomb him with their moonwalk. Photobomb is when a person intentionally or accidentally spoils another person’s photograph or video.

The reporter took it in good spirits and shared the video with a caption: “Congratulations to the two lads who sneakily ruined my best piece to camera from a recent filming assignment in Germany. Honestly, I’m not even mad, this is inspired. Didn’t even spot it until in the edit.”

Far from being offended, he even went as far as sharing a dubbed version of it. The second clip featuring Michael Jackson’s famous song to suit his signature dance move (as attempted by the two people in the background).

Unfortunately, the hilarious PTC was not aired. Another user asked, “Tidy: did it make the edit?” to which he replied, “Noooo! It’s a serious story!!”

This is not the first or only time a serious report was made hilarious by photobombing. Last year, in what a user dubbed as “the most Indian photobomb ever” another BBC host was victim to bystander’s hilarity.

The seasoned host, Tom Brook riding in a rickshaw, was in the middle of a serious monologue for his show Talking Movies. As he was thanking the audiences for joining him, a scooter passed by in the background with a dog riding pillion!

Yes, a dog riding a motor vehicle like a seasoned pro. Watch the hilarious video here-

Nearly three years after professor Robert Kelly became famous the world over as “BBC Dad” after his toddler walked in on his while he was live on air went viral, the professor has returned to talk about the challenges of working from home. And this time, he has been accompanied by his wife and kids.

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