These Social Distancing Circles at a Railway Station are Hilarious, a Photshoot Shows How

Photographs shared on Twitter.

Photographs shared on Twitter.

Lockdown humour is real and we see it touching new heights every day.

  • Last Updated: September 13, 2020, 5:47 PM IST


Now that the strict lockdown is not in place and markets are open, air, road and rail travel has resumed partially, standing at safe distance–aka social distancing–is our weapon against the coronavirus infection. Face mask and hygiene remain the essentials of our defence too.

To ensure that people maintain social distancing, authorities started marking circles to demarcate places where people should stand to maintain safe distances in places like shops, bus stops, metro stations and railway stations. In times of coronavirus, there are two rules. Rule number one says stay at home and rule number two says if you can’t stay at home, stay in the circle. Till the world has a vaccine, that is all we can do.

However, in West Bengal the social distancing circles at a railway station are triggering a laughter riot. Reason, the odd placement of the circles. It looks like these were made by a bot that was asked to mark circles at particular distances and hence it did, without considering if the circle was under the staircase, drawn over two steps, half of a circle under the pole and so on.

If this wasn’t funny enough, a person went to get photographs of himself clicked on these oddly placed circles. The photographs made people ROFL on Twitter after these were shared in a tweet.

Take a look:

People are amused with the thought of making these circles at odd places.

Lockdown humour is real and we see it touching new heights every day.

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