Mammoth Sunflowers Tower Over Houses in Viral Photo and Netizens Can’t Keep Calm

The photos Netizens posing with huge sunflowers went viral. Credit: Twitter

The photos Netizens posing with huge sunflowers went viral. Credit: Twitter

People are posing with gigantic sunflower trees are creating a buzz on social media, internauts are just loving it.

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Reddit, the discussion and web content rating website is having a flowery season, thanks to its users.

Reddit users are sharing pictures of some of the most humongous and tall sunflower plants on the social news aggregation portal.

One user named Propmomma posted the photograph of a huge sunflower tree, almost twice her size, and captioned the photo as, “So… Since we’re sharing our mammoth sunflowers, here’s mine!”

Many people commenting on her photograph also appreciated the strength of her toe on which she had placed the sunflower tree. Several users also said that the sunflower in the tree would make for a great showerhead design.

The flower is bending down in a way that it looks like a showerhead.

Another user also shared glimpses of his huge sunflower tree with a dried flower and has received thousands of upvotes and comments.

He captioned the picture as, “This mammoth sunflower I grew.”

Pointing to the huge dried sunflower, a user commented, “Sunflower so big that it turns into blackhole flower when it dies.” Reacting to the size of the sunflower tree, some users said that it looks like a space station. A Reddit user said, “That’s no sunflower… that’s a space station.”

This post received more than 90k upvotes on Reddit.

The official Reddit handle also shared pictures of giant sunflower trees on Twitter. The post was captioned,

“Redditors in r/pics have been sharing photos of their mammoth sunflowers and I…”

They also shared a link to the Reddit post in their tweet. Commenting on the Twitter post, one user wrote, “This is how new suns are born in the Universe.”

The giant variety of sunflower trees can grow up to 16 feet, but their average height is anywhere between 6 to 10 feet. The miniature variety of sunflower trees can grow to up to 2 feet.

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