UK Couple Spends Rs 1.8 Lakh on Life-size Cardboard Cut-outs of Their Wedding Guests

Photo: Facebook/ Hawaiian Shirt Photography

Photo: Facebook/ Hawaiian Shirt Photography

The couple came up with this brilliant idea of creating guests out of cardboard cut-outs.

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A UK couple spent around Rs 1.8 lakh or 2000 pounds in order to create wooden guests for their wedding from life-size cardboard cut-outs. This is yet another tale of extraordinary creative skills on display that we have come across lately, owing to the peculiar situation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hailing from Bramley in Guildford, Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith finally got married on August 14, after their marriage was delayed because of the pandemic. Seeing that the situation looks grim for the foreseeable future, they decided to go ahead with the wedding. There was just one problem though – how would they bring in the guests given the strict social distancing guidelines in place.

The couple then came up with this brilliant idea of creating guests out of cardboard cut-outs. The wedding pictures, with the 50 wooden guests present, look great.

Here, see for yourself:

The marriage was attended by real people too. Some of the close relatives managed to arrive to bless the happy couple. But unlike their wooden counterparts, they had to wear the masks as can be seen in the beautiful wedding pictures.

Before the pandemic hit, Romanee and Sam expected to have around 100 guests for the wedding and had planned it accordingly. To their relief, the managers at the venue accommodated the change in plans. Romanee said that they just wanted to get married and didn’t want to wait anymore.

As human beings, we have time and again shown our creativity and resilience in the face of toughest challenges. We shall overcome this invisible enemy too. The amazing love story of Romanee and Sam is bound to inspire many of us who are facing the coronavirus challenge in our day to day lives.

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