Paris Hilton claims Kardashian clan is ready to ‘live life’ following KUWTK end

Paris Hilton claims Kardashian clan is ready to ‘live life’ following KUWTK end

With a long run encompassing a total of 20 seasons, reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians has officially been cut and it appears its stars have already gotten their ducks in line and plan to live life to the fullest.

During an emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Kardashian’s longtime friend Paris Hilton gave her own take on the family’s decision and claimed, “They have huge business empires. I am sure they want to spend their time doing that and being with their families.”

The star also added that after knowing that family for so long, they most definitely would already “have so many things going on.”

“And after 20 seasons, I think they are ready to just live their life and not be on camera every second.” Comparing their adieu to her own on The Simple Life, Hilton added “Just with The Simple Life, I was just over it. I wanted to just focus on my business.”

With or without KUWTK, Hilton believes her best friend Kim Kardashian will continue to be successful. “It makes me feel incredibly proud.” The star admitted.

“I have known [Kim] since we were little girls, and the empires that she and her sisters and her mother have built is just amazing. I love them all so much, and it’s exciting to see your friends do well.”

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