Man Asks Chef to Quietly Put Cheese in His Vegan Burger So That His Wife Doesn’t Find Out

A man asked the chef to slip in a slice of cheese in his 'vegan' burger | Image credit: Twitter

A man asked the chef to slip in a slice of cheese in his ‘vegan’ burger | Image credit: Twitter

A post on Reddit about how a man asked the chef to sneak in a piece of cheese in his burger to not offend his vegan wife has been going viral.

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Trust social media to throw the most bizarre and random things your way. In a post on Reddit, a screenshot of man’s unusual request to a chef is going viral.

A man named Aiden requested the chef to add a slice of cheese in his $25.90 vegan burger. He apparently did this because his wife is a vegan and does not permit him to eat non-vegan food. He has emphasized the situation by mentioning that he would have rather wanted to order a beef burger but his wife does not allow him to do so as she fears he will get heart disease.

In the note, the person has written, “I know this is a little weird for a vegan burger but I’m not actually vegan, my Mrs just won’t let me get the beef burger because I slaughter them often and she reckons Imma get heart disease if I keep going. But can you pretty please sneak a little cheese on that bad boy so I can live a little. Hope you have an awesome night. Kind regards”.

Sharing the screenshot of this, the Reddit user wrote, “Possibly the best Uber request I’ve seen”.

It comes as no surprise that the post attracted all kinds of comments. A person remarked upon how there is a conception that Vegan is a healthy option. The user said “Pretty funny how many people think vegan == healthy. I work in a kind of fancy fast food vegan joint, and literally everything is deep-fried carb/starch central.”

A different user had mentioned that he was happy that more and more vegetarian and vegan options are being introduced. He said, “That was a surprise to me. I tried the Impossible Whopper from Burger King awhile back, and while it tasted just fine, I was shocked to find it’s absolutely jam-packed with salt. Still, I’m thrilled to see vegan/vegetarian options coming into their own.”

Another person also shared how he gets a similar random request from one of his customers. He wrote, “I have a customer who comes in and orders everything vegan, but egg is okay. So now I double-check with every vegan whether they can have egg or not which just makes me sound like an idiot”.

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