A Doctor Wanted to Find a Date: So He Posted a Job Vacancy With PowerPoint Presentation

(Credit: Twitter/ @quiiib)

(Credit: Twitter/ @quiiib)

The ‘job vacancy’ for finding a date starts with “Why should you date me?” Well, let’s check.

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  • Last Updated: September 11, 2020, 5:22 PM IST


Making a resume to find a date is a thing now.

In a time of dating apps, where fishing out a date is all about swiping and more swiping, a young Malaysian doctor is leaving no stones unturned in the process of pleasing his date — all by building a “resume”.

Dr Muhammad Naquib took to Twitter to post snaps of his Powerpoint slides to detail his “interests, qualities, and pros and cons”.

The ‘job vacancy’ for finding a date starts with “Why should you date me?” Well let’s check.

Naquib’s interests include being funny, memes, baking cakes, sleeping etc. Making a perfect pie chart to show the division of his interests, baking cake tops the list. The young doctor is looking for women qualified in the spheres of ‘well educated, maturity and table manners’.

One of his major qualities is that he always has chocolates! We are sure that some women (at least the ones with a sweet tooth) are wooed right there.

Offering a salary insight, he writes the woman will get, “Monthly commission based on performance. Birthday benefits.”

He rates his looks at 4/10.

For the woman, he says, “This positions also holds extra commitments, so a trial basis probation is expected for the initial 1-3 months depending on your performance.”

Under the job scope, one has to be ‘themself 24/7 and laugh at his jokes’.

Check out his complete bio-data and well, then feel free to slide into his DM.

In another similar incident early this year, a graduate from San Diego University, finally summed up the guts to ask out his crush of four years, Kristii, since it was the “last semester” of college. He did so by sending her a “dating resume”.

The cover letter-turned-date-resume started with a straightforward objective. It read: “Take you on a date and have fun. Not looking to loop you into a relationship. I’ve known you 4 years and always had a thing for you. last semester of college.”

Adding to his objective, James went on to mention more details of his life such as “Mom/Dad issues”.

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