Someone Wrote an Obituary for Media and a Newspaper Published it Too

Sensationalism, yellow journalism, jingoism have been plaguing journalism for long. For Indian media, things have gone from bad to worse only. And recently the slump is even more steep. A reporter was caught using expletives during live reporting, panelists on live debates use abusive language, everyone speaks at the same time, the civility of the debate has been lost.

The flurry of reporters outside Rhea Chakraborty’s house and then Kangana Ranaut’s demolished office in Mumbai grabbing almost everyone to speak on the issue show the sorry state of affairs. All this and much more could possibly be the reason that a person was compelled to write an obituary for journalism which got published in a leading English newspaper. The person was indeed surprised that the obituary for the media got published in a newspaper.

Not sure if the newspaper saw what he was trying to say and published it deliberately or they too were confused by the smart wordplay. “With profound regret we announce the demise of Ms M.E. Dia, beloved daughter of Mr E.E Dom (F.R.) and wife of Mr T.ruth in New Delhi on 8 September 2020. Mourned by family and friends.” the obituary reads.

For those of you wondering what the names mean, here it is. Ms M.E.Dia is media, Mr E.E.Dom (F.R.) is freedom and Mr T.Ruth is truth, not a hard guess on the last one.

People are awed by the creativity of the obituary, even though Mr E.E.Dom (F.R.) confused a lot of people with its not-so-direct wordplay. But nonetheless, this obituary has its fans now!

With Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case, the media has been accused of diverting attention from more pressing issues like spike in coornavirus cases, slump in economy, standoff with China in Ladakh. Prime time debates are mostly about Rhea Chakraborty, her relationship with late Sushant Singh Rajput and even her personal chats from past few years. Tongues clicked in condemnation as reporters hounded a delivery boy outside Rhea’s home asking him who had ordered the food and who had made the payment (as if all that was relevant to the case, even remotely). Her watchman was faced with questions too, so were other people living in her neighbourhood.

When Kangana’s office was being demolished in Mumbai, a man was surrounded by reporters asking him why the building was being razed. The questions didn’t stop even when he repeatedly said that he is a postman.

The show of TRP-thirst was out in open recently when Rhea was being taken for questioning. Mics and cameras followed her, reporters forced their way close to her for questions even as she raised her elbows to keep a safe distance. The frustration and disturbance was visible on her face.

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