Possessive Pizza Lover’s Early Morning Message to Mom About Leftover Pie Has Internet in Splits

Truth be told, there is probably nothing in the world that comforts as much as French fries and pizza. A person who clearly seems to be fond of both recently expressed her possessiveness about it.

In a screenshot of a WhatsApp message that has been shared by a person, who goes by the name @ishaforreals, one can see how desperately she wants her pizza and fries to be saved from her sister.

In the message, she has written, “Mumma I woke up accidentally abhi. Its 4 in the morning right now. I dont know what time I’m gonna wake up in the morning today but I know that if piyu wakes up before me she will take advantage of the situation. Fridge mei there’s a box of fries and 3 pizza slices. Do NOT let piyu eat all of it. In fact before she starts eating, ask her to take my permission. Because like everytime, koi meko puchega nai and I’ll wake up to see everything finished and be really really hurt. If you are my mother, if you have ever loved me, if you have lovingly given birth to me, I want you to take care of my mood. Thankyou mumma. Goodnight. Writing this with ek aakh open cuz 4am. (sic)”

Reacting to this message, her mother has replied, “Hey Bhagwan.”

However, in another tweet, she has revealed how her father ate two out of the three pizza slices. She tweeted, “In case you’re wondering what happened next: my father ate 2 slices.”

What followed next was quite a cute move. Her father cut one slice of pizza into three pieces so that they appear to be three pieces. This, as per her tweet, would have followed after her mother showed her highly sentimental message to him.

Describing the situation, she tweeted, “My mother might’ve found out and showed him my extremely emotional text because he cut the last slice of pizza into 3 slices and put them back in the box.”

Following this, there was a fun exchange between the father and daughter duo, in which the dad commented upon the pizza brand. Elaborating upon that, she tweeted, “Upon my discovery of the three pizza slices which somehow had gotten 0 figure over night, he proceeded to tell me that ‘dominos wale chindi ho gaye hai’.”

The post has gone quite viral on the micro blogging site as it has already been liked by more than seven thousand users and has been retweeted by over 950 people.

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