Estonian Globe-Trotter and YouTuber Meigo Mark Walked Over 3,600 Kms in India in 7 Months

Image Credits: Meigo Mark

Image Credits: Meigo Mark

Meigo Mark, the YouTuber met Mary Kom, played Holi and swam in the Ganga!

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A global pandemic has taken over most of 2020, with people forcing to be at home, with travel plans and vacations put on temporary hold.

While majority of us are scrolling through our old photos and posting #TBT photos, an Estonian globe-trotter and YouTuber, Meigo Mark, shared his photos of when he travelled 3,600 kms across India, only by walking.

The entire travelling bit took place in 2015-2016 (and not during a global pandemic) and traversing entire India took him around 7 months.

In a recent Reddit post on r/IndiaSpeaks, he shares photos and details from his trip.

“My name is Meigo Märk and I wish to share with you some of my PHOTOS of how I walked across India over 3,600 kilometres in 7 months. 100% walking! No bus, no train, no car, no motorbike, no bicycle! This happened already 5 years ago.

In India, I slept and lived shortly in over 35 local homes together with local families.

Was invited to visit many schools and universities to give a talk to thousands of students.

For many weeks walked in Rajasthan with over +42 degrees Celsius and many weeks in the monsoon rains.

Camped a lot, got attacked by a dog and was escorted by a heavily armed Assam police force.

Swam alone in the Ganges River, celebrated many big festivals like Diwali, Navaratri etc… Walked to Ambaji together with hundreds of thousands of walking Hindus.

Visited the Barefoot College, Gandhi Ashram, OM Ashram.

Had a very inspiring meeting world boxing champion MC Mary Kom and met the members of the famous Shilong Chamber Choir who sang 3 songs just only for me,” he shared in the post.

He added that his health wasn’t impacted to a great extent and his weight did not change much only about 3 kgs. “I had many resting days and I stayed in many local homes together with the local families and they really made sure that I would eat A LOT and recover properly from the long walk,” he said.

He shared that all his travel expenses for one year (foods, drinks, accommodations, some new shoes, clothes, travel and hiking equipment, few new mobile phones and cameras that broke on the way, all the visas and tickets for popular touristic places and all the other stuff) amounted to about 3,500 US Dollars, or INR 2,57,272.

In an earlier AMA on Reddit in April, he posted that he was bitten by a dog in India.

He also shared a YouTube vlog of his travel.

In total, he has walked over 20,000 kilometers or 12,427 miles in 22 countries in a total 4 years and 3 months.

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