Delhi Police Sums up ‘How to Fight Coronavirus’ in Two Words: Stay Home

(Credit: Instagram/ Delhi Police)

(Credit: Instagram/ Delhi Police)

The Delhi Police is actively updating their Instagram feed with essential health information about the pandemic.

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  • Last Updated: September 11, 2020, 6:59 PM IST


Although the country has entered the unlock phase, the spread of the deadly coronavirus continues unabated. Police forces in various states have opted for creative ways to spread awareness among citizens. Given the reach of social media, they are able to send out the message in a witty manner

The Delhi Police is actively updating their Instagram feed with essential health information about the pandemic. They recently shared a message advising people to step outside only when necessary.

Taking a quirky approach, the Delhi Police shared a screenshot representing a Google search page. The text written in the search bar reads, ‘How to fight coronavirus.’

To show an automatic suggestion that generally pops up, the Delhi Police account wrote “Staying indoors” with the phrase “Did you mean”. The text shared underneath reads, “Don’t leave your home unless absolutely necessary. Together we will win the fight against coronavirus”.pm

The caption added by the department is, “Protect yourself from COVID-19”.

Since being shared, the post has received commendation from social media users. Instagrammers have hit the like button more than 300 times.

This is not the first time when Delhi Police, one of the country’s topmost police forces, opted for an innovative measure to share an advisory. Several eye-catching and clever social media posts are often shared on the department’s social media accounts to spread the word on safety during the pandemic.

Earlier this week, the police department also posted about the necessity of safety face masks when stepping out. A meme was shared that showcases a dialogue from Arshad Warsi-starrer Jolly LLB. Via the post, theyurged people to wear them amid the ongoing crisis.

The meme was meant to express the reaction of the police when they spot someone roaming around without masks. “Kaun hain yeh log, kahaan se aate hain yeh log,” read the caption of the post.

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