A Sack of Basmati Rice Just Got a Makeover as Handbag in US and Desi Twitter Can’t Handle it

A rice bag was turned into a was being sold as a 'tote bag' in the US |. Image credit: Twitter

A rice bag was turned into a was being sold as a ‘tote bag’ in the US |. Image credit: Twitter

Is this the real ‘Bagwati’? A Twitter user discovered a gunny sack of basmati rice being sold as a bag.

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A picture of a tote bag made from a basmati rice sack is doing rounds on social media. A screenshot of an Instagram post that featured the photo of the bag surfaced on twitter. The screenshot shows that the user who shared the image was from Chicago. So, it is being said that the bags are sold in the US.

Lines printed on the bag reads, “Royal basmati rice. Premium aged rice. Naturally aromatic. From the foothills of the Himalayas.” The caption in the screenshot reads, “Tote made from a basmati rice bag.”

Sharing the screenshot on the micro-blogging site, a user said that she can’t believe this is real. She added that someone might have bought it.

The tweet has gone viral, garnering more than 74K likes and over 7K retweets.

Responding to the tweet, a person wrote, “Okkk but this low key is a cool idea….. no one yell me pls.” She also shared a GIF.

Another user said that this is a basmati rice bag and not made from it.

“Not them saying they changed it into a tote when it looks exactly the same,” wrote a netizen.

A twitterati appreciated the “upcycling and eco-friendly aspect of it”, saying that such packing material has always been in fashion and used for necessity as well.

A user from Philippines said that they use rice sacks as a carry bag when they go to local markets for shopping.

One netizen said she found it embarrassing, but confessed that she once thought of using a rice bag as a purse.

A person asserted that he does not find anything wrong in buying the bag made from rice sack as it serves the purpose. He said, “I don’t care what’s written on it. Something different than star faces or some Japanese anime character.”

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