This Photographer is Taking Portraits of Vaginas to Make Women Feel Normal Down There

A woman, once insecure about her vagina, is now crusading to photograph other women’s private parts in a bid to promote body positivity.

Ellie Eggwick, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia, was once made to feel very conscious about her vagina by her former partner. The strong influence of the man even pushed Ellie to inquire about labiaplasty, a surgery to alter the labia minora and the labia majora, the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva, reports Daily Mail.

It was only when she visited a doctor, who implored her to do research on women’s vaginas that Ellie realised her genitals were perfectly normal. She also learnt that all vaginas are different and that all of them were just fine.

Since then Ellie undertook the task of photographing over 500 vaginas for a coffee table book to spread awareness on body positivity.

Ellie said that while growing up she was made to feel uncomfortable about the shape of her genitalia. Since she never saw any other vulva, she had contemplated on surgery.

“All the thoughts and nightmares of a usual teenage girl went running wild through my brain – is my vagina weird?’ Am I normal?,” she said.

However, she was thankful to her doctor for sparing her from cutting “half of her labia”.

And this is what Ellie wants to continue doing, to spread the message to other women and not make them feel self-conscious about what’s down there.

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